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Sir Vincent was a coward.
All his life he craved adventure, but every time he would come up against anything dangerous, he would always run away.
He had a marvelous sword, one other knights would kill for, and armor that could withstand the fiercest flames of a dragon, but all those things didn't help him feel any braver.
He would still quest though, but only on the safe ones.
He would constantly travel to the old merchant, who always had a couple maps, always leading to the greatest of all armor and weapons.
Of course the merchant knew only to sell him the maps that led him through a safe path to those weapons.
One day, while the glorious sun shone brilliantly in the sky, Sir Vincent traveled down to the merchant's.
The merchant, like always, was waiting for him with a map laid out.
A smile was spread across his face, exposing some of his missing teeth.
Sir Vincent looked upon the map, before asking "How much?"
The merchant answered the question in his normal raspy voice.
"For you, 48 gold coins."
Sir Vincent provided the payment, and then looked upon the map in pure curiosity.
The top of the map said it was the quest for the Wand of Bathelew.
The name Bathelew sounded very familiar, and then the answer struck Sir Vincent, Bathelew was the name of the town that had disappeared almost 30 years ago, perhaps not only could he find the magical wand that the map advertised... But perhaps he could discover the mystery behind the disappearance of the town.
Then he said out on his quest, to find his reward at the end.

The merchant assured him the quest wasn't in any way, shape or form dangerous, and so far he was correct. As Sir Vincent traveled for hours across the valley, he slowly began to reach his designation, as marked on the map that he had bought.
He then came across a cave.
The map stated that that was his destination as he stepped inside.
The air in the cave was cold, but oddly relaxing... And at the end of the cave was his prize.
The wand looked old, and twisted as if it was just torn off from a ancient tree.
The strangest thing was that it was too easy, even for him.
In most if his quests that lacked danger, it was at least difficult to retrieve his bounty, but in this case it was as if it was all a prank. He stepped forward any way to collect what he so very much wanted.
He noticed however that underneath the wand the words "Magic isn't for mortals" was written in black ink.
Sir Vincent then felt hesitant to take the wand, but he decided on doing it anyway.
As soon as his finger wrapped around the wand, he felt a surge of immense power... He had finally felt brave!
He pointed the device at a pile of what looked like gigantic rocks, and without any more than a thought a blast of powerful energy escaped through it and reduced the rocks into a ton of small pebbles and dust fall all around him.
A great smile began to crawl across his face as he realized he no longer had to worry about danger, because he now had the upper hand!
He felt like leaving the cave, until he noticed something as wrong...
His chest had began to sting incredibly bad, as if the had been caught aflame.
He lurched forward, and then he saw it!
He was growing breasts, and they weren't done yet.
When they finished they weighed a considerable amount, and he gasped in both terror and pain, as his body began to slim down. His arms had grown dainty, and his armor began to fall off of him as he grown to tiny for it... His clothes began falling off as well as he had become the size of what looked like a couple of inches.
His hair changed color, from his dirty blond, into a luscious pink.
He let out a scream for help, and then he realized... He had the voice of a maiden!
He then felt even more pain as what felt like miniature wings began burrowing out of his back, and then when they were finished... He lifted off the ground, without even knowing how!
He stared down at his levitating and naked body and then realized, he still had a penis.
And he thanked the heavenly lords for it... Until he felt a tugging sensation.
He, now becoming a she, looked down as his/her penis began to shrink into itself... He felt convulsions of both pleasure and pain, as it vanished... Leaving him a slit that was sensitive to the touch.
She stopped flying, and sat down on a rock, and began to weep... Until, seemingly out of nowhere, a couple of other beautiful looking fairies flew down to him.
They smiled, and took her by the hand, leading her to a city nearly invisible and burrowed into the wall... It looked marvelous, and she couldn't believe her eyes...
It was that moment when she realized, what had happened to the lost town, and it's civilians... And now she had joined them.
Magic isn't for mortals Tg Tf (please read desc.)
This account is dead now, the reason I uploaded this was yo advertise my new tf and tg account
my writing has gotten better, and I want to thank all of my friends on this account, you can find me on the new account
please read it on there, and I once again want to thank you all... You have all been awesome 
and I hope to ss
ee you all on the new account
Does anyone still remember me?
Does anyone still remember me?
Does anyone still remember me?


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United States
i love scary movies ,the slender man legend and tg's and ts's pictures

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